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China's economy has grown by an annual rate of 11.1% in the first three months of 2007 more >>
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Last year China's total foreign exchange reserves reached $1 trillion more >>
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China's 500 largest companies saw combined profits rise by more than a fifth to 642.8bn yuan ($80.4bn; â®±bn) last year more >>
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In order to ensure the quality of translation of your materials, we employ native-Chinese translators whose English is of a standard sufficient for them to work at Doctoral level in a UK university (a minimum of IELTS 6.5).

All have been educated to Masters’ level in either the People’s Republic of China or in the United Kingdom.

In addition, we are able to match specialists in areas such as engineering, pharmacy, law, business and medicine with your company needs. Consequently, the standard of translation which we offer is of the highest quality.

We can assure you that this will be appreciated by your Chinese clients who will value the trouble you will have taken to communicate with them.

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How long does translation typically take?

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How much does translation cost?

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Which languages do you translate?

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Can I request a particular translator?

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